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Five reasons to tint your car

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Have you ever been thinking of getting your car windows tinted? Was your next thought “Nice, but it’s not for me”? You probably remember what you’ve heard about the windows tinting and your inner voice gives you the reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Unfortunately we have too many biases about the windows tinting and the time has come to give you the facts that will help you to make your own decision whether to tint your car or not.

Here is find five mainreasonswhy you should tint your car.

Reason 1. UV protection

Window film blocks up to 99% of the harmful UV rays, both A and B, from the sun that can cause skin cancer. For those who drive most of the day that would be a good reason.

Reason 2. Comfort

Window film prevents the glare from the sun and headlights from blinding you and increases visibility for safety. I’ve heard so many complains about the glare that comes from the sun and other cars, especially, early in the morning that it could be the main reason to tint your car.

Reason 3. Privacy

Increases privacy and even helps to prevent theft by reducing the outside view of belongings inside the car. For the last 2 years too many people requested to tint just one side or rear window. The main reason was because someone broke in the car and stole personal items.

Reason 4. Save on fuel

Window film is designed to reject and absorb the solar energy that heats up the inside of your car. This reduces the need to use air conditioning. Less air-conditioner usage means less fuel burned.

On my own experience, I’ve noticed that after turning AC in the car that have been parked outside under the summer sun, with windows tinted, it’s usually takes about 10 minutes to cool down inside the car and after, I had to switch to a lower position, otherwise it gets too cold.

Reason 5.Protecting you investment

Heat rejection and UV protection can protect your seats and dash from harmful UV light. We all have been in the situation when you have to sit down on your leather seats after your car have been outside for quite some time. Ouch! Your seats can not only be much cooler, but also serve you longer and keep the color.

I hope that this information was helpful and gave you a better understanding of why it’s a good idea to tint your car. I will keep posting more useful information about what type and shade of film is the best to meet your needs, what windows tinting shade is allowed by the California law and more. So keep following my posts and I will help you to become a window tinting Friendly.

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